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Safety Policies & Courtesies

VacationLand is privately owned and operated. The following policies are for the safety and enjoyment of all guests. Management reserves the right to evict any person not adhering .

Registration • Guests

  • Only one recreational vehicle or tent permitted per site.

  • No exception to the 10MPH SPEED LIMIT in the park

  • All cars must display a car tag.

  • Registration of all guests and visitors is required upon entering the campground.

  • Management assumes no responsibility for safety of guests and reserves the right to evict for infraction of rules.  A $50.00 fine may be imposed for any rule infractions.

  • To assure enjoyment by other guests who follow you, we ask your cooperation in keeping the restroom facilities and your lot as clean as you find them.

Children • Teens

  • An adult must supervise children under 10 years old at pools.

  • An adult must supervise children under 12 years old at all dances

  • An adult must supervise children under 6 years old at all times.

  • Teen curfew (under 18 years) 11:00pm.

  • No underage drinking.

Hours • Curfew

  • Quiet hours are midnight to 8:00am. Talk quietly and turn off radios.

  • Teen curfew (under 18 years) 11:00pm.

  • All playgrounds close at sunset.

  • No golf carts after 11:00pm.

  • No bicycles, rollerblading, or skateboarding after sunset.

General Policies

  • Burn only dry seasoned wood.

  • Do not litter on the road or in the campground.

  • In the event of electrical problems, please contact the office. Do not tamper with site boxes.

  • Do not trespass on property bordering the campground.

  • No fireworks, firearms, airguns, paintball guns, or bow and arrows are permitted to be displayed or discharged.

Cars • Golf Carts • Bikes • Mopeds • Scooters

  • No washing of trailer or cars.

  • Electric golf carts only. Must be operated by a licensed driver, license must be readily available (learners permit not acceptable). Mounted headlights required for riding after sunset. Max golf cart occupancy is 5 persons.

  • Motorcycles and mopeds permitted only as transportation in and out of park.

  • Not permitted in the park:
Mini bikes; 3-wheelers; ATVs; Electric or gas powered scooters Pocket rockets; Mini mopeds; Mini bikes.


  • All pets must be kept on a short leash and never left unattended.

  • Pets must be kept quiet at all times

  • Health regulations prohibit pets in campground buildings, including bathhouses & rental units.

  • Be considerate of others and clean up after your pets.

  • A leash free zone is available at the Bark Park.